18 May, 2010

The place to be happy is HERE. The time to be happy is NOW.

This is the LO I have been wanting to do for some time and finally done now. It's inspired by the lovely LV balloon display I saw.. how much I want those bubbly bright red balloons in my name as a display in my room. I did the next best thing I could and this LO with the characters of my name in bright sparkly red alphas and reminiscent of a heart-shaped balloon in the background was created.

Misted the red cardstrock with diamond glimmer mist and pasted some specks of pink glitter sand, also misted the white cardstock.

This LO has little bits and pieces I like.. like that tattered angels piece that reads "You make my heart smile" which Sindy gave me.

Also added little details like the angel wing beside my name and a tag at the side of the LO akin to a clothes label. I might just add a nice string to the bottom of the heart and display on my room wall like a real balloon!
As for the picture, it's a childhood photo of me that I love and I'm trying to love the me now as much. I want that smile (=
"Remember that:
The place to be happy is HERE. The time to be happy is NOW. It's the simple sweet things in life that are real after all..."

04 April, 2010

hello to a brand new year & blog!

Have been taking me a long time to get this blog started up! Because I've another blog at wordpress which I've used as my everything-in-one blog and also because it takes quite some time to organise all my favourite brands and stuff here. Now, that will be my more personal realm while this one gets more public!

I'm not done yet but this will be one place I hope will showcase more and more of my crafts - which only means I've been able to spend time on them. It will surely be one place though that I will feel lighter just popping by and surfing my fave blogs and craft sites <3